Traditional Turned Parts

We have a full compliment of manual and CNC equipment, RER can rapidly produce high quality parts for your plant's inventory and critical spares. 

With over $600,000 of raw material inventory, parts can be rapidly made to reduce down time and de-rated production. 

With over 5,000 unique drawings for a variety of makes and models of pumps, we can provide a high quality, cost effective alternative to OEM parts. 


RER has the expertise and experience to reverse engineer large fabricated parts. The life spans of large circulating water pumps are coming to end, and large components are needed to be replaced more and more often. 

From elbows to suction bells, RER has a history of successfully reverse engineering and fabricated large components. In the Milwaukee area, we have several great fabrication shops that share in that history and knowledge. 


Cast parts are typically the most expensive and longest lead time part in the pump. RER has a long history of providing after market cast parts for a variety of makes and models. 

Our scanning and modeling technology assists in capturing the data required to produce 3D solid models of the part. From here, we can go several different routes. Our options include traditional wood patterns, 3D sand printed molds, or investment casting. We have several foundries in our area capable of pouring up to 5,000 lbs.

At our RER East facility we have a in house pattern making shop capable of producing high quality wood patterns based off our scanned data. Working hand in hand with our engineering department ensures that pattern fits the model and will reproduce a new part that matches the fit and function of the original design.